Welcome to Art 434 for the Fall 2017 Semester


David Hockney with his Art

I have been using blogs for most of the 21st Century with WordPress but they have changed their platform fairly aggressively so bear with me while I navigate through their domain.  This Fall 2017 semester we will be looking at the Art produced in Los Angeles from post-World War II era to the present with emphasis on the following four exhibitions:  Pacific Standard Time, Made in L.A. 2012, Made in L.A. 2014, and Made in L.A. 2016.

I use blogs such as this one to extend the classroom and continue/sustain the dialogue beyond the four walls of Grant 129.  I refer to my blogs as Artspeak.  With that statement in mind, and to initiate Artspeak, I offer the following statement for you to consider, reflect on, and respond to with your thoughts/interpretations/relevancy:

“It seems to me the idea of a permanent avant-garde going on and on and on is an absurd idea…Modern art did triumph; the battle has been won in the history of art in our time, because it was right.  So the idea of a great battle still going on today is absurd and dramatic where there is no drama.”  (David Hockney, David Hockney (1976)

Your thoughts on Hockney’s perception of a permanent avant-garde?


David Hockney with his Art